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Strategy Academy

Workshops are wonderful, but doing Design Thinking and Modern Product/Agile can feel revolutionary. What's missing? Practice, discourse and community. (Strategy is at its best when collaborative.) Enter Strategy Academy, a small-group coaching program enabling Design Thinkers and Product Strategists to create lasting impact. We'll meet weekly for 6 weeks to Apply Design Thinking to genuine ‘tricky problems’ with your product, project or service, unpack methods you’ve learned, plan your research studies, add new methods to your toolkit and build on each other's creative genius. Weekly homework will integrate into your day job.

We'll meet weekly, starting with a self-diagnostic that quickly distills your goals.  From there, session topics may include:

  • Applying Design Thinking to genuine ‘tricky problems’ with your product, project or service

  • Unpacking and building upon methods you learned in training

  • Planning and doing customer research

  • Adding new tools and approaches to your toolkit

  • Leading design sessions

  • Building on one another's creative genius


You’ll stoke your creative fire + develop more confidence to do (and lead) human-centered strategy (and expand your network of kindred spirits).

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