• Holly Chasan-Young

What Conversation Hearts Tell us About Falling in Love with our Customers

Happy Valentine’s Day! On this day, many of us give our sweeties (and/or friends, family, pets, kids, co-workers) treats, candy or cards to show our love and appreciation.

If you’re developing a new product or service, your customers have got to feel your love, as well. But sometimes, we fail to love our customers enough, because we:

  • are more concerned with chasing the latest tech trends or buzzwords

  • dream of one day selling our product….more than we dream about addressing customer problems

  • love our ideas and solutions - above everything else

Needless to say, these just won't do! Taking inspiration from Conversation Hearts, here are some tips for falling in love with your customers:



Invest in quality one-on-one time - at least an hour - in deep conversation with, and/or observation of, a variety of customers to learn their dreams, routines, pet peeves.

This means having no other agenda outside of learning about your customer. It means listening more than talking. When you're good and fascinated by your customer, you’ll notice your perspective shifting and a wave of empathy for this person washing over you. At that point, you’re doing A-OK.


Put to the side all notions and assumptions about what your customer should and shouldn't think about your product. Avoid judging your customers for behaviors or thought patterns you might not understand. At the same time, have the humility to realize that some of your preconceived notions or ideas might be incorrect.

A deep understanding of customer needs is a loving jumping-off point for inspired new ways to solve customer problems.


When is the last time you were charmed by a product or service? Does anything surprising come to mind?

How might your product engage or move your customer? Building a moment of playful delight into a product or service creates a smile or a moment of affection that might become contagious.


Romancing your customer is not always easy. It takes hard work and patience - it's a “go slow now, in order to go fast later” strategy.

But it's rewarding - and essential, because it's only in falling truly, madly, deeply in love with customers, that we can create new products and services that actually matter to them.

In return, they might just love us back. And that will take care of the rest. Sweet!

With Moxie,


Holly is Founder and Chief Troublemaker of Wonderbolt Labs, where she works with innovators to harness creativity, grow fearlessly and reduce uncertainty.

Photo by Element 5 on Unsplash

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