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Custom Workshops

Design thinking is a simple-yet-revolutionary set of steps that enables innovation and impact through problem finding and solving. In our workshops, you’ll be challenged to work collaboratively and iteratively, harness your creativity, and learn from people. What you will learn can be applied to a wide range of opportunities and industries. And, we’ll learn through “design doing” – actively practicing the tools to understand humans’ needs and problems and rapidly work wonders to change the world. 

Below is a sample list of some of our custom workshop offerings:

  • Experiential Workshops in Design Thinking 

  • Cultivating Innovative Teams

  • Creativity Methods

  • Design SPRINT: 1-5 day Design Immersion

  • Qualitative Research: Talking to and learning from customers, employees, payers, & stakeholders

  • Rapid Experimentation; Prototyping to Learn

  • Journey Mapping

  • Vision Setting

  • *Customized workshop based on your outcomes & goals*

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