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Wonderbolt Labs

Holly Chasan-Young is the founder and chief troublemaker at Wonderbolt Labs. After a career of many chapters - including interior design, human resources, organizational change and training, she found human centered design and knew it was ‘the one’ -  a perfect combination of creativity, strategy and business. 

In it, she recognized a set of smart tools and frameworks to apply to any industry or organization’s ‘unsolvable’ problems. It could help people by calling forth their inherent creativity and brilliance.  And best of all, it is formula for building great products and services – so many of which decidedly hadn’t been built with the customer in mind. So she set out to learn everything she could, and build mastery. And she has, though she knows the learning won’t ever stop. 


A couple of years after that, it was time to exit her corporate job and set out on her own, to do Design Thinking in a context that can help the greatest amount of people in the most interesting industries and with the smartest, most wonderful partners. It was time to question everything she thought about how to work, solve problems and create value. It was time to start Wonderbolt Labs.

Holly is a product and service strategist whose goal is to make teams and their customers awesome. With Wonderbolt Labs, she works with a network of phenomenal professionals who walk beside clients and address their so-called unsolvable problems. She is thrilled you found her and hopes you will connect! 

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