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Wonderbolt Labs, LLC

Custom Coaching & Workshops

Design Thinking &

Product Management


Holly Chasan-Young

Managing Director

With a big heart and a sixth sense for what makes people tick, Holly Chasan-Young started Wonderbolt Labs, LLC in 2017.


The Aim? Help people surface and infuse their work with creativity, strategy and innovation. 


And help companies focus on these capabilities at scale -- to benefit customers and the bottom line.

Wonderbolt works with a range of clients - from Idea-stage-Entrepreneurs to Century-old firms. We have worked with clients in numerous industries. 

At Wonderbolt Labs, we are different. We love to create custom work. We're kind, super-creative, fun, a bit quirky- anything but 'vanilla'

We rarely take on projects or deliverables. Instead, we equip YOU to create more impact - at a fraction of the pricetag of most consulting firms.

Wonderbolt Labs, LLC is a proud Certified Women-Owned Enterprise (WBE) through WBENC.

Customer kudos

"Your passion for product innovation and design thinking has significantly influenced my approach to problem-solving and creativity..." - Denise



"You are a Maestro at [Design Thinking]" - Robyn



“Your classes...are really immersive, really fun, really mind changing, mindset changing!” - Anna



"You're really bringing me to the next level!" - Wanda

"Holly’s energy and personality kept the material interesting. Her poise and presence were both engaging and confident which added credibility to the material.  Plus, she's fun!" - Anonymous

A few great Customers


We Instruct & Delight

Design Thinking 

We bring you Best-In-Class Design Thinking learning.

For Teams. For Executives. For Leaders.


In-person or Virtual, the best classes you attend by a long shot.

Want to accelerate & scale the learning in your Enterprise? We certify Design Thinking Facilitators and Coaches through our partners at SparkEngine.


...When you need new ways to lead - and to design new futures.

...When success depends on how well you inspire and unlock peoples' creativity and brilliance, at scale.

...When injecting creative thinking, innovation and customer focus would work wonders.


We help you design a transformation that sticks-- and improves your bottom line. 

Product Strategy

Ready to say "Adieu" to feature factories, formulaic change management,  innovation theater?

We are, too!


The world needs your gifts - your vision, heart and your boldest offerings.


Don't hide them.


Instead get unstuck to  accelerate your mark on the world.

Custom Workshops

Got some knowledge to drop on others?

Let's make it happen. We will help you design a compelling interactive workshop and prep you for inspired delivery.


Express your creative genius -- and hard-earned lessons. So others can reap the learning benefit.

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